Enterprise products for
the African fuel market

We provide innovative solutions specifically tailored to suit the downstream oil and gas industry in Africa.

Our products & services do not only give you the assurance and peace of mind that you require, but also provide you with the information needed to run your business more efficiently.

E360 Station Manager

Designed to optimize business processes (for example, remote pump price change) at the station and operational levels.

E360 Station Analytics

Give your fuel business the power real-time analytics and aggregated data remotely available on any device.

E360 Velox

Provides significant fuel cost savings and controls to businesses or individuals with small, medium or large fleet of automobiles.
+ Cities
+ Registered Fuel Stations
Million + Litres


+ Pumps & Tanks


Real-Time Fuel Analytics

Real-time sales and continuous wet stock monitoring; identifying and reducing the risk of stock losses

Complete Control of Cash-Flow

Automated reconciliation and visibility; reducing cash losses and lowering operational spend at the fuel stations

Real-Time Operational Insights

Holistic view of operations, revenues and red flags across all stations

Automated Replenishment Planning

Stock monitoring and forecasting; reducing the risk of shortages and fuel scarcity.

Remote Price Change & Monitoring

Remote price change allowing your fuel business to remain competitive and eradicating price change fraud

Fuel Solutions for Fleets & Customer Loyalty Catalyst

Boost the revenues of your fuel business through fleet and customer loyalty programs.