Driving Digital Inclusion

We are a technology company building and deploying sustainable digital technology products that drive process automation, business and economic growth, data driven decisions and connecting customers to value across multiple landscapes.

Digitize African Businesses For Sustainable Growth

As a digital technology leader, it is our mission to drive digital adoption for our clients through automation, IoT and analytics. By doing so, we enhance our clients’  operational and economic performance hence leading to an agile business growth.

Over the years, our organization has been well positioned to provide top class solutions for clients in multiple sectors. Today, our suite of products have become a favourite in the oil & gas downstream, logistics and retail verticals.



We connect to our client's businesses, providing technology advisory and support while understanding your needs.


As part of driving digital transformation, we analyse our client's data to provide insights that enable faster and larger-scale evidence-based decision making within your organisation.


Getting your business ready for growth requires process optimisation and automation. Backed by data & insights, we are able to pilot your business to greatness.

Our products

Fuel Station Management Solution

Innovative product to drive digital technology inclusion for fuel stations, applying controls for business process improvement, loss eradication, expense & cash control and smart capabilities

Real-time Insights for Fuel Station Operations

Innovation to provide big data analytics for insights, control, revenue & margin assurance for fuel retailers, driving data transformation within the retail fuels vertical.

On-Demand Fuel Delivery Platform

Receive, manage and process fuel delivery orders through this innovative digital platform which also provides remote insights to manage and track fuel trucks real-time.

Fleet Fuel Management System

Your fleet relies on fuel and you need a management & eWallet technology to apply fueling controls, track consumption and optimize costs

Customer Rewards Platform

Grow your customer retention rate by rewarding loyal customers through a self service rewards platform specially designed for your business.

Seamless Payment Collections

Innovation enabling people and businesses spend and receive payments via cash, bank card, eWallet and self service at fuel stations and retail stores.

CUPID Wallet

Make Purchases

Make cashless and cardless payments at fuel stations and merchant stores.

Earn Rewards

Earn redeemable points when you purchase fuel or any CUPID merchant stores.

Send Gifts

Send gift codes to your family & friends to purchase fuel or items from our merchant stores.

Optimize Expenses

Track and optimize your expenses daily, weekly and monthly

Multi-layered Wallet

Maintain one digital wallet for all merchants and fuel stations or choose a dedicated wallet per merchant.

Data & Insights

Have access to reports and analysis on expenses, wallet credits and debits per fuel station or store.

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